TAS Compliance Process .


The code requires that if the construction cost of your project is over $50,000 and your building or facility is subject to compliance, you must register your project with TDLR and have a plan review and inspection completed by a Registered Accessibility Specialist (RAS).  State law requires registration prior to submitting the plans for a building permit. Local municipalities will reject your permit application if the project has not been registered with TDLR.

Access IQ can register the project for you. You will need to fill out the Architectural Barriers Project Registration Form, and send it to us, along with the non-refundable $175 TDLR Project Filing Fee.

If you prefer, you can self-register your project on the TDLR website, Architectural Barriers Project Registration Online. There is a non-refundable TDLR Project Filing Fee of $175.  On the online form you will be prompted for an 8 digit RAS number. Select the radial button and type in “1494” to select Access IQ as your provider. If you have any questions or need help filing out the form please contact us.  After you register your project be sure to print out and save the Architectural Barriers Project Registration Confirmation Page from TDLR showing the EABPRJ#. You will need to send this form to us.



Emphasis should be placed upon the plan review process through early involvement. Engagement of the RAS early in the planning stages allows us be a consultative resource. This allows the remainder of the inspection and review process go more smoothly.

The code requires that the architect, interior designer, landscape architect, or engineer who has the overall responsibility for the design of the building or facility to submit the plans and specifications to a RAS no later than the 20th business day after the date the plans have been issued for permit. If there is not a design professional with overall responsibility, then the owner of a building or facility holds this responsibility.

The plan review process will take a few days to review the plans and submit a report, detailing if corrections are required. We will walk you through the process, submit all the required forms to TDLR and answer any questions or concerns you have along the way.

To complete the Plan Review Process, the following information must be submitted. All forms may be downloaded from the bottom of this page including a Submission Transmittal Form:

  1. Completed Project Registration Form (AB005), or an “On-Line Registration Confirmation”, with an authorized signature from the building owner or designated agent. If a designated agent is assigned by the owner an Owner Designated Agent Form (AB043) must be attached with an authorized signature from the owner.
  2. One complete set of construction documents, along with a completed Access IQ TAS Services Agreement..
  3. A Proof of Submission Form (AB042) from the design professional, if not previously submitted.
    Include Payment by Check for all fees, including the TDLR filing fee. See the Access IQ Project Submission Form for pricing and fees.
  4. Submit the Request for Inspection Form (AB041) if not previously submitted. This form can be completed and sent with the plan review submission to streamline the process. Request for inspection may also be submitted at a later date closer to the actual inspection service. Fees for the inspection should be submitted with the “Request for Inspection” form. See the Access IQ Project Submission Form for pricing.
  5. A copy of any Variance Application Form (AB013), including any attachments, for any variances requested of TDLR prior to submittal of documents, and a copy of the reply if TDLR has responded.


The inspection process must be initiated by the building owner or designated agent to complete the TAS process. Inspections are performed after construction of the project is complete.

The code requires that the owner of a building or facility to obtain an inspection from a RAS no later than the first anniversary of the completion of construction; however, we will be available to inspect your project during the final punch walk-through.

We will visit the site with the owner or the owner’s agent and perform the inspection. We will send you a report detailing the results within a few days.

  1. Submit the completed Request for Inspection Form (AB041). The RAS must have this file prior to performing an inspection. If the RAS does not have the file, a copy of this request along with a File Request Form prepared by the RAS will be sent to the file holder to obtain the file.  To avoid any delays Steps 1-3 in the Plan Review Process above should be completed in advance.
  2. Once the file is received we will contact the appropriate person to schedule the on site inspection.
  3. At the time of inspection the RAS will complete a “Proof of Inspection” form. A copy of this form will be sent to the building owner.
  4. A detailed report of the findings during the inspection will be forwarded to the building owner.
  5. Any subsequent action will be noted within the report.

What Happens if My Project Does Not Meet TAS Requirements?

TDLR can issue fines ranging from $500 to $5000 to the business owner, depending on the severity of the offense and how many times that offense has been committed. TDLR will also look at whether the violation was intentional or accidental, whether the owner acts in good faith to come into compliance once he is aware of the violation, and what penalty they believe is necessary to deter other violations. Do note that while projects with a value of less than $50,000 do not need to be registered, they must be in compliance with TAS.

The full 2012 TAS can be found here.